Birth Doula


What is a Doula?

That is the question I hear most often when I tell people my job title. Doula is a Greek word meaning ‘woman who helps’. And really, that IS what a doula does, what I do: I help women and their families before, during and after the births of their children.The current use of the word doula really means a trained birth professional. A doula is NOT the same as a midwife, who is medically trained to assist women in labor.

As a birth doula, I meet with families several times prior to the birth. Since I am present at one of the most intimate and important times in life, I like to really get to know everyone who will be in the birthing room. Discussion topics include birth as a rite of passage, overcoming any fears around birth, birth plans and preferences, comfort measures, birthing positions, preferences regarding medications for both mother and baby, helping the partner to fully support the birthing mother. My big jobs are to help the birthing mother to advocate for herself for the kind of birth she wants to have, to help her partner support her in the best way possible, and to offer my skills and knowledge about birth when and where they are needed. I love this work and consider it my calling to hold space for families to enjoy and treasure this amazing time.

If you are interested in hiring me as a birth doula, please contact me.

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